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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Some Vintage Finds

So what did I find for $2.25?
All of this!
Yes, I was out yard saling again--hubby's idea this time.
I found another milk jar for 50 cents.  
Now I can replace the one I broke last summer.
I also bought these galvanized buckets for $1.5o for all 4.
 And I just couldn't pass up this shortening tin that was 25 cents.
I just love the color and how crisp it looks.
It has some recipes on the side of the tin.
Can anyone tell me anything about Esko products or the tin?
It was manufactured in Baltimore, MD by The W.M. Schluderberg-T.J.Kurdle Co.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Show & Share

I love this time of year here in PA.  Yard sales and garage sales are all around every weekend.  Most of the time you just get a lot of stuff that you really don't need.  I try and only have some change in my wallet so I don't make too many foolish purchases.  
This past weekend I only had some quarters in my wallet.
We stopped at this guy's yard sale.  Not much was there.  A lot of junk really.  I walked passed the table that had all the glassware and dishes, but on my way back to the car I spotted this little pitcher near the back of the same table with all the dishes.  I thought it would look cute with some greens in it.  I asked the guy how much and he said 50 cents. 
After I paid for it, I was standing there telling my kiddos how at first I thought it looked white, but it had a kind of bluish gray tint to it.  I flipped it upside down while admiring the color, and a lady that was nearby said that the mark on the bottom looked old.
When I got home I Googled the marking.  What would our lives be without Google!?!
I found out that they stopped marking the dishes like this in 1880.  They had a code for the exact date on the site, and I was able to figure out that my little pitcher was made July 21, 1851.  How cool was that!  It doesn't even have one chip on it!
I think it is lovely and am just enjoying it the way I intended to enjoy it.....
with some greens!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Victorian Beauty

 I thought this organ stool was a lovely little gal when I saw her at a yard sale.
She was $5.

I loved her Victorian Iron legs.

I know some may have really liked her seat cover,
BUT it had to go for me. 
 I did not like it.
I was picturing her brighter in color.

I painted her with Annie Sloan's Old White.
Waxed her with Fiddes & Sons Clear wax first and then Jacobean on the areas I wanted distressed.

For the seat, I bought a seat cushion form, and I traced the shaped of her seat onto the cushion.

I cut it out with scissors, it was hard to do, and tacked it with some glue so it would stay in place.

I had bought some French linen or muslin--haha I don't know what it is called.  
I called it lovely:)
I first tacked one side.  Then I tacked the opposite side pulling it to make it tight as I tacked.
I continued this process on the other sides too.

Once she was all tacked, I cut the extra fabric off and got some lacy ribbon.

I hot glued the lace over the tacks.

This really brought out her beauty!
Isn't she lovely!

The dark wax really brought out the design and softened her Victorian legs.

Keeping It Simple

Furniture Feature Fridays

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yard Sale Find and a Sign

My Sister-in Law came for a visit.
She wanted to get something at a yard sale to paint up for her house.  
She said my blog really inspired her to want to try it.
That made me happy :)

So off to the yard sales we went.  
She got this shelf for $2. 

 She really didn't like the heart, but I told her I could take the piece out and she could have a plain shelf.  I showed her how to remove it with out damaging the rest of the shelf.  She did a great job.  We then measured a plain piece of wood to put in its place so that the shelf was secure.

Her other find was this shutter.
It was FREE! 
She liked that price.
We got out the sander and she started to sand away the old paint. 

 It wasn't an old shutter, so I figured that there was probably no lead paint on it.
She did a great job.

I bought this thing at the yard sale. 
It was 25 cents.

She wanted to put her shutter in her bathroom that has a beach theme.
I told her I could paint a sign for her since it kind of resembled drift wood.

 So I cut off the end:

She picked out the saying she wanted on it and the color of paint for the lettering.
I practiced on a piece of paper like this:

Then I could make sure it would fit on the wood.
Plus it is always good to practice my lettering first when doing it free-hand before trying to paint on the actual project.
I like the way it turned out:

She wants to put it on her shutter after she paints it and distresses it at home like this:

It was so much fun working together and helping her. 
 I know she'll do great finishing her projects at her house, because she seems to do great at everything she attempts to do in life.:)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Corner Cupboard Catastrophe??

Last Summer I found this pine corner cupboard at a yard sale for $20.  

It was red and I painted it black.  
I really wanted a corner cupboard that I could put my tea cups and some dishes in.  This one was too small for that, plus it did not have glass doors on it.  I loved it anyway.  It looked really cute with my things on it.  It held some of my craft supplies in it too.

I held my annual craft sale last November.  I used my corner cupboard to hold crafts.  I put $150 on it thinking no one would pay that much for such a small cabinet.

On the last day of my sale, in the last hour, a group of fun ladies came in, and two fell in love with my cupboard.  I tried to tell them that I am sure they could find a better one for cheaper than what I put on it. 
 I kind of wanted to keep it.  It was holding some of my things you see.  I also knew I would have a hole where this cupboard once sat.  They wanted it anyway.  So, I made $130 on my $20 find.

Last week, I was looking on craigslist and found a BIG black corner cupboard.  It had windows and it was huge.  I asked my hubby if we could go and look at it as it seemed exactly what I was looking for.  The cupboard didn't look that big in the owners home, but when we sat it in our home in the same corner as the old cupboard, it really was too big.

 We switched corners.

 Our big black cabinet that stores my homeschooling things looked too big in that corner too.  

That one corner was the only corner that they both looked good in. 
 The third corner in our office area was being occupied by our computer desk.

I began to worry that I had made a huge mistake buying this cupboard.  Then I came up with the idea of putting our computer in our old cabinet; leaving the other corner for my "new" corner cupboard.

That was the solution! 
 The room seems so cozy.

I love my "new" corner cupboard! 
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