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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pride in Ownership

For a couple of weeks this summer, our oldest son had the opportunity to work with his dad.
This was his first job.
I can't tell you what a blessing it was that he was able to be with his dad, and to know that there was another christian man at the job in the area that he worked.

We told him that he had to save his money for college, but he was allowed to get a new cello if we found a good one on craigslist for the right price.
He has been playing the cello for 2 years now, and he truly does have a talent with music.
His new cello is the one in the center.
It has a better sound than his old one.
I think this one is a step up from what he had.
Three of us play the violin.
One plays the viola.
One plays the cello.
and hubby....
He plays around on the guitar.
Hubby has gotten pretty good for teaching himself.
You wouldn't hire us for a wedding or anything like that;
We just love to serve in the music ministry at our church.
It is such a blessing to play together as a family.
So now my son has made his first big purchase.
It is amazing how careful he is with something that he bought;
goes to show that one really appreciates something that they work to get.
Yes, we could have bought it for him.
It is a good lesson for him to learn.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Empowered Youth

My two oldest children attended Fairhaven Baptist Church's Empowered Youth conference this past week. 
Don't pay attention to the date on the pics.  Bessy doesn't know how to change the date;)

 I was a little nervous about them traveling that far from home without us.  It was the first time they had ever gone on such a long trip without mom and dad.  I was also nervous about how they would behave.  What friends would they choose.  We got very good feedback from the Youth Pastor at our church about the way they behaved and the friends they chose.  Yes, there were a few learning lessons for them and the Youth Pastor:)  God is good.  I thank the Lord for the tender hearts Bethany and Wilson have.  They are moldable and that is what I pray they will always be.  Is that a word?  I've heard it before, but that doesn't really make it a word.
They also competed for the first time.  Bethany played the violin.  Wilson played the cello.  Bethany actually won 3rd place out of all the instrument solos in 7th-9th grade.   I was really happy for her!  She practiced a lot up in her room.
Not a good picture because it was taken by phone and sent to me as I eagerly awaited news about the competition. I was  so thankful for the update!
Another picture from a phone and sent to me.
They had a great week.  Thanks to all who made the trip possible for them.

Monday, October 11, 2010

O the Sounds

Three years ago, my family was blessed to have the opportunity to learn how to play the violin, for free.  Violin is not an easy instrument to listen to a person practice.  I have 3 children playing violin, and one now plays the cello; again, a blessing to have a free lesson. 

  At the May recital

Sometimes Dan can feel left out.  So the kids gave him their triangle from their toy music kit.  Now he feels like he is a part of the group.  He has a little trouble on his timing, but he'll get it soon.

Dan and his triangle with Miles accompanying him.

This past summer our violin teacher had to move on in life with her husband.  They moved to Ohio.  We were so sad, because Ms. Bess became our great friend as well as our teacher.

We are without a teacher, but the Lord has blessed us to be able to use our talent for his glory.  My children and I play in the orchestra at our church.  Wilson, Bethany, and I were able to play in this year's Round Up at our church.

Wilson and Bethany are missing because they were playing on the bounce around.

 We also are able to play a strings ensemble as a family.  I love when all our noises come together and make a harmonious sound!  Mind you, we may not sound professional, but we make a joyful noise:)

"Make a joyful noise unto the Lord..."  Psalm 100:1

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