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Monday, June 19, 2017

Gardening with our DYI Cold Boxes

I really miss our gardens!
Moving here,we have to start all over.
One of the things I wanted in my new garden was Cold Boxes.
My son and I gathered all kinds of scrap wood around our house and got started on building our own.  We found three windows on the Facebook Marketplace which is very addicting.
I painted them with some outdoor white paint we had.
We planted some Kale from seed in one and English Lavender in the other.
Here is some squash, dill, and a hanging gourd all from seeds.
So here is the beginning of our new garden.
We have found that too many bunnies live in our yard!
They love my oregano.
Kale is growing and my daughter also is trying to grow some zinnias too!
Hubby also built the stone wall in the background.  A stone wall must have been there years ago, because we found all those stones hiding under the bushes.  Great find for us!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Refinishing Our Floors--Keeping it Real

We refinished our floors in our previous home with no real problems, and people were always complimentary of them.  I loved the dark color against our stone colored painted walls. 
In the picture it looks more orange, but it felt warm and went well with my decorations.  I wanted it to feel warm in our current home without the orange look.
Here is our current home.  This was taken in the fall.  As you see there was nothing significantly wrong with the floors.  We went back and forth on whether or not to stain them.  The previous owner had different layers of poly in the floors ( 3 coats in Livingroom, 2 coats in dining room , and 1 coat in the family/sunroom).  We needed to take everything out of the rooms in order just to add the coats of poly.  Agreeing that we should just totally redo them now, we cleared the rooms on the first floor and decided to refinish them darker. 
The guy at the rental store said that we only needed to use the U-Sander if we were just getting rid of poly.  Hubby knew we used the drum sander on our previous home and was skeptical.  We thought that we got all of the poly and finish off, after all the guy said this was all we needed, but upon applying the stain we realized our mistake.  We ran out of time and did not want to spend more money.  Bad thinking......
I thought maybe if we add the carpet and furniture, it won't look like a leopard left his spots all over our house!
But no!  I lived with it for a week and felt sick to my stomach at how awful it looked and how that whole process turned our living quarters upside down.  I broke down to hubby and said "we need to do it all over again"  He was in full agreement.
So we rented a Drum sander and edger and went through the whole process again!
It was well worth it!
I really love the Espresso color!
Thank you family for dealing with your crazy mama!
We got these finished before the warm weather came.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A New Hearth

Before Spring arrived and the days were colder, we decided to attack some indoor projects.  One of those projects was to refinish the floors.  Before we could do the floors, hubby really wanted to get rid of the tile hearth.  I was in full agreement.  I wanted brick like you find in the homes of Williamsburg, but the then the bricks would have clashed with the 1940s bricks we have. 
We live in Pennsylvania so.....
We chose Pennsylvania flagstone with the rough cut edge.
It definitely makes the fireplace look like it fits.
Will post the adventure of refinishing our floors soon.
It was not a process without a huge hiccup.

Monday, February 20, 2017

New Home Tour # 4: Mud Room and Half Bath

We basically have one more room to paint and the hallway upstairs until we call it quits for now.  Even though it is February the weather is yelling, "Spring Time!".  We are itching to do some landscaping and hopefully plant a veggie garden.  We'll see.
I am sharing with you today our Mud Room and the Half Bath that is off of that room.
 Here is what it looked like at inspection, and what it looks like now.
We took the lovely mirrored bifold closet door off and put a real door on the half bath that actually locks and doesn't allow anyone to play peek-a-boo at an odd moment.  No one wanted to use this bathroom just for the fact that it was a bifold closet door. 
We also took down the 90's wall paper and went with the colonial painted trim look :)  We used Benjamin Moore's Woodstock Tan.
This is the view from our family room/sun room.
 We're using this room to store our school things and our printer.
It is not decorated the way I really want it to be in this corner, but we're getting there.
 This is my favorite corner!  I can't wait to clip flowers from the garden and hang them on my ladder.
I picked this lovely old farmhouse table up on craigslist.  I did have to cut it down and put it all together again and then stain the table top.  I absolutely love it.  I also found these chairs up on craigslist (3 for $20).  Not sure if I want to keep them like this or not.  I really like the way they look against the color of this room.
 Now for the half bath, I made a skirt for the sink with left over drop cloth material.  The curtain is attached to the tiny corner sink using velcro.  For the hand towel, I bought a cute wall hook.  My great uncle's minnow can is being used as a trash can.
 The corner mirror cabinet was there, I just painted and stained it.
We also changed out the fan that was in the mudroom.
All in all with paint and fan it was a makeover totaling less than $150.
Not bad!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Primitive? Farmhouse? Shabby Chic?

Be Yourself!  
Don't worry about what others think!  
I think I have said these very words to my kiddos as they faced the many peer pressures of life.
Now that we moved, I find that my painting and creativity over the past 6 months have been basically for our home not for a sale.  I had to reevaluate my thinking when it came to buying or painting things to fix up for our home.  It is hard to not go with what is popular and to just decorate my home with what I enjoy being around.  I enjoy the colonial, primitive look.  I love the Farmhouse and Shabby Chic style, but I find that I like living with warm, dark colors...not all whites and grays.  I tried lighter furniture and things, only to come to the conclusion that it just gets so dirty too fast.  So unless I live in a museum with a 'Please Do Not Touch' kind of life, it is just impossible for me to live.
I say all of that because I have been able to get two really good deals on primitive chandeliers because that look is not as popular anymore.  I bought this 6 armed Chandelier on Craigslist for $25.  I was able to paint it and make it fit into my decor.
After finishing my kitchen, I was on the hunt for a smaller chandelier to use over my sink.  I priced them at $250-$300.  I knew that was too much, so on to Craigslist I searched.  It took patience and time, but I finally found this one for $10!
 I couldn't believe it!  From the photo, I thought the chandelier was metal, but it is wood.
I wanted to add a pop of color to my Linen Kitchen that I just painted.
Barnyard red and Walnut stain was perfect!
 I was going to hang this where the previous owners had put a recessed light fixture.  The hole was way too big for the crinkled tin plate cover it came with.  I found this tin pie plate at a yard sale for 50 cents.  I knew it would be perfect.  So hubby helped me drill a hole into the center of the plate.
 It covered the big opening perfectly.
Hubby also put a dimmer switch in for me too.
 I absolutely love the pop of color. 
 The chandelier adds a very cozy look to my kitchen window. 
 The faux greens and light help take the place of having a curtain.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

My Painted Piano

 We got a free piano via Facebook Market Place.  It sounds beautiful, but I was not liking the 1970's basket weave it had and the gold jewelry.  I decided to paint it using Annie Sloan's Charcoal.  I know I am not the first to this, so it was great getting on Pinterest and seeing all the great colors people chose.  I didn't want my piano to be a focal point in my home...so black it is.
 Here is a better pic of the basket weave.
I needed to replace it with some thin pieces of wood. 
 When cutting it chipped really easy!
I knew the paint would cover any blemishes I did to the wood.
 Painting it was easy.  I used two coats to cover the piano.
I knew using the Jacobean wax from Fiddes and Sons would give it the rich black look I was going for.  I did no want a shiny piano.  It just is not me.  If you want a shiny look, do NOT use chalk paint--it is not Glossy.
 Here it is painted and buffed.  You can see that it is not quite that glossy, shiny finish, but the buffing does shine it up some.  I love the new jewelry (knobs) I bought at a local prim gift shop.
I am enjoying the new look!
Now to find a real piano bench.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Master Bath Redo on a Budget

 We are still slowly making changes to our new house making it feel more like home.  For me that involves a lot of painting :)  However, the master bath needed a little more than paint.  We wanted to update a few things on a budget.  
 Here is a picture we took during the inspection.  The Hollywood lights weren't my style.  Although the cabinet space was wonderful, I really didn't care for the cabinet itself.  The vanity was paintable, but the fixture was old and there was no working plug.  We were just going to change out the fixture and hardware, but we found a whole new vanity and top on craigslist for cheap.
This is the newer vanity with top.  
We took off their towel rack and filled in the holes and painted the vanity to match all the woodwork.
 More before Pics with the newer vanity.

  I'm not sure if you can make it out on the above pic from inspection, but we had to take down some wallpaper border.  The walls really needed some paint. 
Here are all the added fixtures and touch ups we did to make it more to our taste.  I actually made the shower curtain out of a drop cloth.  It is just more my style--not necessarily cheaper :)
We painted the woodwork in Annie Sloans' Versilles.  
The walls are Sherwin Williams' Oyster.

Amazing how much warmer it feels!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

First Christmas Mantle: keeping it real

What an exciting time of year!
One problem, I am tired!  Am I getting old? 
A little confession here, I was not ready to decorate for Christmas this year.  Maybe it is because my oldest is far away at college, maybe grieving a little since my Poppa passed away before Thanksgiving, or maybe it is just that we've been constantly on the go since we moved in.  Yes, I am a little crazy at having to make my home cozy and can't seem to rest until it is allllllll painted!  Am I the only one?  Poor Hubby!
Either way, I just don't do well with change, and there has been a lot of it lately.
If it wasn't for my other kiddos at home, who are now practically adults, I wouldn't have any decorations out yet.  As I got everything out, I just put things here and there.  I keep putzing around the house and moving things.  I am slowly putting decorations where I want them.
I knew I wanted to have a wreath on my mantle, but it was small.  Then I remembered this huge frame my daughter and I found while walking around town back in the summer.  I had no idea what I was going to use it for, but now I know exactly where it belongs!
I always hang onto things.
Glad I did with this one.

Monday, September 26, 2016

FALL:A Change of Seasons and A Change of Shutters

Happy Fall Ya'll!
It has finally been some jacket weather here in our area.
I love the cooler weather.  Today was so cozy with it being overcast outside.  I had my little candlelights in the house on and lit a pumpkin apple scented candle.  Isn't it amazing how many senses we use to identify with seasons!
Hubby and I started to spruce up the outside a little more to our liking today.
When we first moved in, we knew that one of the very first things we wanted to do was change out the shutters.  We really weren't impressed with the royal blue shutters.  I also like the raised panel look better than the louvered look.  We finally bought some black vinyl raised paneled shutters.
Here is a pic that was taken at the inspection.
Here are the new shutters.
It makes such a difference, and they really aren't that expensive.  Although we are only doing the front of the house so only 4 sets were needed.  We still have 2 more sets to hang. 
We are waiting on a longer ladder :(
Waiting is a good thing.
It builds character :)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

'New Home' Tour #3: Dining Room

I am later than what I wanted to be in getting this post written up.  
We took our oldest to college, finally started school with our last two kiddos, and worked on painting another room.  Lots going on, but it is all very good!
Just to clarify, from the title some of you may be thinking this is a New Home.  It is not.  Our home was built in 1940.  It is just new to us. 
With that said, I am so excited to share with you our dining room.  I never had a dining room, so it is such a treat to not have to worry about the heat from the stove or the pile of dishes glaring at you while you finish up your meal.  I love it!  Our dining room is not open to the kitchen allowing me to escape from reality for as long as I wish.:)  I know many people like the open floor plan idea, but I am loving the separate dining room.
 Here are some before pics.  You will notice in the first pic that they had bookshelves built in.  We thought it looked more open and natural without them, so we took them out.
In this After pic, you can see how open it is into the family room. 
I love filling the house with things we created.  The big checkered board was made by my youngest son.  The small one I made years and years ago.  The little Pallet Plate Rack I made.
 I have another place in mind for my ironing board and washboard, but for now they will stay here.  I still have a lot of painting to do upstairs.
 ON this wall is my Hutch with my little collection of yellow ware and jars.
Last but not least, remember my great find and dining room treasure, my Primitive Chandelier!
It really feels so cozy.  I am so very, very thankful.

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