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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Prim Chalkboard Shelf

I am really loving this mustard color milk paint.  I have always loved the warmth of this color.  I can see this color in an 1800's farm house with wide-plank dark wood floors and an old brick fireplace that works.  Yes, that would be in my dream house :)
I took another one of these shelves that I built and turned it into a chalkboard using some chalkboard paint from Walmart.  This stuff goes really far.  It is the same can that I used to paint my old refrigerator.
So this is before:
 Here it is finished.
I waxed the mustard milk paint with clear and dark wax.
 This is another item that will be at my sale in 4 weeks.
I feel like I am running out of time!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Milk Paint Barter

One plus at my craft sale this year was seeing a faithful follower of my blog in person.
She is such a sweet lady and fellow sister in Christ.
I met her for the first time at a wedding.  I was surprised to hear that she read my blog and was so interested in my craft ideas and my ramblings.
She and her daughter came out to my craft sale last year, and they were so kind to come out and visit me this year too.
I was so excited when she asked if I wanted to barter or make a swap with her.
She presented  me with some milk paint she had and asked if I would want it.
I said "Yes, of course!" 
I love the colors!
She then asked if I would paint these roosters that came from a house that was a little sentimental to her.
A house that she grew up in.
She just wanted the Roosters to look a little rustic.
She suggested a Mustard color.
So I decided to use the Mustard Milk Paint.
First, I lightly sanded them.
Second, I mixed the milk paint 1 part mixture to 1 part water.
It looked like a pumpkin color when I mixed it.
After I painted one coat on it and it began to dry, it looked more mustard in color.
I gave it another coat of paint,
and after it dried I sanded the edges to bring out the black paint.
I'm not sure if you can see the difference between these two photos,
 finally, I stained them with a dark walnut stain.
It definitely gave it that primitive look.

She picked them up tonight.
I was so happy that she really liked them.
I thought it was a great swap :)
I can't wait to try the Earth Green Milk Paint!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cradle Painted with Milk Paint

My cousin gave me this cradle.
I know this is not a good picture, but it is the only before pic that I got.
Ahhh!  A blank slate.
I thought, I definitely want to use my milk paint on it. 
 I was picturing it looking like one of those old cradles in historic cabins or homes.
I painted one coat of milk paint.
I thought it since it was wood I could just stain over it, and the wood would just soak in the stain. 
The wood soaked it in alright, the dark walnut stain turned it black.
I couldn't even see the milk paint.
I painted another coat of milk paint over the stain.
Okay, I am getting closer to the look I want.
I remembered how clear wax seems to darken the chalk paint.
I put a coat of clear wax over the second coat of milk paint.
This is before I buffed it; you can see some blob of clear wax on it.
I buffed it.
And that did it!
That is the look what I wanted.
I added a leather handle by cutting a piece off of my leather belt.
Here it is!
What do you think?  
Can you see it setting next to an old rope bed? :)

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Milk Paint Test

This past weekend we went to Landis Valley's Harvest Days in Lancaster,Pa.
I bought some Milk Paint that they had in their gift shop.
There wasn't a great selection in colors, so I chose Union Blue; I thought I could work with that color.

Now I have never used Milk Paint before.  
I have been reading about the distressed look that Milk Paint gives to furniture. 
I love the images that I have seen, 
and I really wanted to try some.

This is how Milk Paint comes.
Just like with my first can of chalk paint, I wanted to test it out on something small.
I chose this little wood box that I got for free at a yard sale this summer.
It has a shiny surface.  I wanted to see how well this paint would grab the surface.
I did not buy the bonding agent for Milk Paint, because I really wanted it to look distressed.
I mixed it like the directions say: 1 part Milk Paint to 1 part water and then I mixed  it with a stick.
It says to let it set for 20 minutes.
After the 20 minutes I painted one coat on the wood box.  
This is what it looked like wet.
After it dried it looked lighter and had a very chalky feeling.
It really stuck to the shiny wood.
Then I went to brush clear wax on it for a finish.
It looked like I brushed all of the paint off of the box, but have no fear the blue came back.
It did wipe some off, but I think that gave it that naturally distressed look.
Here it is with clear wax and buffed.
I did NOT sand.
This is awesome!!!
I love it.
Milk Paint is a keeper for me!
I dressed it up with some leather handles.
Do you like it?
If you do, make sure you come by my Rustic Restorations Weekend Linky Party
this weekend for a Giveaway!!!
Guess what it includes? :)
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