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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Tisket a Tasket a Salt ~n~ Pepper Basket

What a busy weekend!  I truly do not like running around.  I don't like coming home to piles here and there because I didn't have time to put things away and tidy up.  It wouldn't be bad if it was only one person making a pile, but with six of us, that's a lot of piles!
I did manage to do a little project.

As many of you know I changed the look of my kitchen.  It has turned into a bit of an industrial look.  I decided to make a basket for my salt and pepper shakers out of chicken wire.
These were my supplies:
I measured and cut a piece of wood to length of my shakers.
I then began to fold, cut, and twist the chicken wire into a small basket.
I made a handle out of craft wire and stained the wood in dark walnut.
A perfect fit and it looks great on my coffee station with my scale :)
For the next couple of days, I am forced to stay home since hubby needs to get his brakes fixed on his car leaving me with no car.....YAY!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chicken Wire Cloche

My Neighbor gave me these wood hot plates.

As I was looking at a blog party last week, I came across this from Homeroad.

Since I didn't have a neat glass lid to put over these hot plates, I decided to make lids out of chicken wire.  First I painted the wood plates with my Valspar samples--one was a pale yellow the other stone color.

After they were painted and dried, I printed off  2 images from the Graphics Fairy.
Doesn't every crafter just love her blog

I used the charcoal method to transfer the images onto the wood plates.

I then used my Paint Sharpie to paint over the charcoal lines.
After that was dried, I sanded and stained them to look a little distressed.

Now for the "lid"
I guess they are more like a cage.
I made one in the shape of a beehive.
I wanted to try and give you a little tutorial on what I did, and I did the measurements all wrong.
Now I have two different size covers or hives.

I kept the cuttings from the first "hive" to use as a template.

Putting it over my rectangle of chicken wire that I had cut out.
I eyeballed where to cut.

This is what it looked like after both ends were cut.

I then attached the sides together by twisting the ends of chicken wire together.
For the bottom I took a wire and made a circle with it.
I then attached the bottom of the hive to that wire circle.
You can see how I twisted it around the wire in this picture.

I made little handles to go on the top.
 Here they are!

My bird has seen better days.
It usually sits in a wood box on my porch and one day it fell out and lost its tail.
I still like the little fellow.

I like the two different sizes.
It adds a little more character to the pair of them.

I'm not sure if I want to keep these or sell them at my craft sale in the Fall.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Windows, Windows, Windows

A friend of mine dropped off some windows and things.  
She said, "Go create something with these."
Scary for me.
She said that she loves what I create; so just do whatever I think will look good.
Oh the Pressure!
She did give me the colors that she wanted.

Such neat windows!


I started with painting the windows with a mix of Barn Yard Red Folk Art paint and some Wrought Iron.
I also stained them with some Dark Walnut Minwax Stain.
I thought I would add some chicken wire to the smaller window.

This window was going to have the wreath she gave me.  
I had some small rustic stars in my craft supplies.
I brushed a little Annie Sloan's Old White on them and clear waxed them.

Here is the smaller window.

She gave me a small star and a big star.
I painted them with Annie Sloan's Old White and waxed them with Fiddes & Sons clear and Jacobean Dark Wax.
She wanted some berries on the window.
This was the last of my burgundy and white berry supply.

I made a sign out a board from a pallet.
I painted "Family/ Friends" on the sign, because when I think of this lady, I think that Family and Friends are important in her life.

The pallet board had 2 holes right in the middle...perfect for my project.

I put holes in the star and wired it to the sign with the berries underneath.

Here is the finished second window.

I love this window--just the window itself has character.

I tied a little homespun to the big star.

I hope this is what she had in mind.
The smaller window can hang tall or wide.

I like simple.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Shuttering" with Patience

It is a slow day here for my sale, so I thought I would blog about a shutter I made for my craft sale.
I miss blogging and checking out everybody's projects.  I am looking forward to some relaxing evenings where I can just browse again.

I've had these shutters for years.  
They are small -- about 24"
My son took out all the slats.

I had to fill the holes in with wood filler.
I couldn't find my hubby's spatula that he uses, so I came up with my own "spatula".
The kiddos thought I was crazy.

After the holes were filled in, I got out my ASCP Old White and painted it.
I also used a graphic from The Graphics Fairy.
 I copied the word "Family" in Word with a font that I liked, 
and transferred both using the Charcoal Pencil Method.

After I waxed it with clear and dark wax, I got out the chicken wire and tacked it to the back.

Now you can place pics of your family inside the shutter.

I also made one that looks just like this, but it says Friends.

It was a fun project.

I painted two other shutters black, sanded them so that the yellow would come through, and then stained them.  I am still waiting for them to dry and that was Monday night.  This is another reason I LOVE the Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint--because I have no patience :)

Please don't forget to enter my Giveaway which ends Sunday Dec.11.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Chicken Wire Basket Tutrial

Okay, some of you ladies were interested in a tutorial on my Chicken Wire Baskets.

I do not claim to be a professional at any of my crafts I make.
I am only a professional at wanting to make something, testing it out, and failing only to try again and succeed at what I set out to do.
I saw someone make a chicken wire basket and remembered that I had found a roll out for trash one day, years ago.
I forgot what blog I saw the basket--this is not new--so I had to experiment on my own.
Here is the process that I use to make my baskets:

This is what you will need:

Chicken Wire
Needle-Nose pliers
Craft Wire

I measure by counting out the hexagons.
This basket that I made is 11 hexagons x 11 hexagons.
I am only using half of the chicken wire, so I cut on the one side of the solid line on the chicken wire.

I then measured 4 hexagons down on the sides that was previously cut and does not have a natural straight wire line in the chicken wire.
I cut at that 4th hexagon across and then down 3 down folding on the 4th hexagon.

After you make those cuts, you will want to fold the chicken wire and crease it to make your box basket.

There are a lot of cut pieces that you must wrap around the corner wires or sides of the basket so that you have a finished edge. 
 Just clamp them down after you are finished twisting those pieces.
There is a lot of twisting going on--that is why those needle-nose pliers work great.

Sorry for the blur:)

Can you see how I am twisting that cut edge around the solid line of the chicken wire?

Can you see all the twisted wire and then the non twisted wire?
You really can't go wrong.  
If it is uneven I just form the basket with my hands because chicken wire is easy to bend.

Now for the handles.

I cut 4 pieces of the craft wire all the same lengths.
Eyeball your measurement on how big you want your handles.

I then twist them together like so:

I bend them to the form I want. 

I then attach them to the end of my basket by twisting them around that solid wire.

I really love this cute little basket.
I put my coffee cup next to it so you could see the approximate size of the 11x11 basket:)

I will make another one with the other half of chicken wire, but when I make my 4 folds I will cut a piece of craft wire for a solid line to make the top edge of the basket--where needed.

I hope this helps!
Let me know if you tried it.
I would love to see your baskets!

This may be my last post for a while.
Tomorrow starts the hustle and bustle of my Craft Sale, so I am not sure if I can post anything soon. 
I will post something Saturday about how the sale went this week.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!!!!!!

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