Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Building a Corner Wall Cabinet: Before and After

My love for distressed colonial (as my son refers to it)
 had me searching for a hanging corner cabinet from the day our offer on this house was accepted.
As I searched, I soon found the prices of these things was either going to make me creative or just keep dreaming!
I chose to be creative!
It was easier to see it once I found this corner cabinet on the FB Market Place.
I just needed to find a door....right?
The size of the opening made it impossible to just find the right cabinet door.
I decided to make one.  
Taking an old toy box I had and recycling the wood made it look like a possibility.
I glued two pieces together and secured them with some wood lath.
 I had to use my plane to help it to fit.
I have limited tools to cut wood ( skill saw and miter saw), there was a lot of uneven lines.
Still is :)
Here it is before and after sanding.
I really liked it in its raw state, but knew it was not going to go well in my living room.
Using hubby's hand carving tools, I had to hand carve the little "lock" for the door .
Gunsmith gray is the color in our living room.  
This is what I painted the cabinet, but I also stained it with 'Early American' Stain.  
The color turned out perfect!

Down the road it will be nice to have some crown molding.  
It is fun just taking our time and finding just what we want at an affordable price.
I think I paid $25 for the shelf. 
I had the paint and the wood for the door.